Jordan Jammer 1​.​5 [EP]

by Vista Cruiser

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All songs written and performed by Vista Cruiser.
Recorded by Nicky Adem in Farmingdale, NJ


released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Vista Cruiser Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Three dudes doin wacky emo punk shit in a cold ass garage.

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Track Name: Sticky Stamps (Alone, Something Familiar)
Pieces of your hair still linger like cobwebs
The smell of you like a toxic gas stained my bed sheets
The indents of long nights of saying nothing still pressed in on my blankets
Your hearts warmth still hot against my chest
Knowing that Im not the man you sought for
Leaves my aching bones cold and my heart even more sore
To reestablish a consensus between our love is a fucking dead memory
You Used me ABUSED me til i was a nothing
Just dust on this shelf where i lay my keys
Alone something Ive grown familiar….without you
Track Name: I Asked My Friends Why I Never Feel Better, They Just Threw Up Their Hands and Walked Away
Can you help explain why i can't get better at staying better?
It's getting hard to breathe,
These old streets weigh heavy on me.

So give up,
They won't care.
I give up,
You don't care.

Now i'm glad I can say
That I miss things less.
Cause I've learned to love the feeling
Of the world on my back.
And with my sights set to the pavement
I can see all the things I've got left to work with.
Track Name: Breeze By, Move On
Slammed my hand in the car door again last night.
I've become so careless these days.
I spent this weekend in my room
Thinking about how many weekends I've spent
Alone in my room
Trying to get rid of this sour taste in my mouth.

I wish I could have those days back.
I wish that I had done it right.

I would have kissed her that day at our lockers.
Skipped class more
To lay out
On the back lawn
Talking about how we wish
These days could never end.

They say to try and live your life without regret,
But i can't shake the weight of all the things i never did,
All the I love yous never said.
Can't outrun all the bad nights in my head.

And every night i spend in this
Enervating lifeless place
Makes me hope I never remember
The things i did to get here.
Track Name: Circle Talk
Lately I've been running around in circles.

I'm just supporting bad habits,
A pack a day isn't getting me anything.
I'm just supporting bad habits,
A pack a day isn't getting me anything.

God damn why can I
See the world
Instead of these, handfuls of faces.
Why can't I
Leave this behind
And see new places

Maybe I'll stop waiting
And realize life's mine for the taking.
Track Name: Straight Arrow
Why is it that everything is a reference to
Bad friends
And failing relationships.

Never enough.
Never Content.
Why cant we all just learn to live with what we've got.

I used to stay up late
Wondering why everyone wants to get away.
And now I see
How nothing here is adding up for me.

But now the sun is gone
And it's colder finally
And our summer breathes lie blankets over everything.

At last i can finally sleep
While the earth warms under me
Track Name: Hit Or Miss
I'm afraid to think how much time is left,
How much time was wasted,
How much we regret.
I'm stuck between who I am and want to be.
I'm stuck think thinking where things went wrong.

Was it you or me?
Well ignorance is bliss,
and every day is hit or miss.
I'd tell you that I love you,
But i doubt you'd feel the same.
Instead I'll keep it bottled up,
I guess it's worth the pain

I'll walk in rhythm with your beating chest,
Until it stops,
Beating, Breathing.
I just want to feel whole but I've got this hole.
Track Name: Double Sided Sticky Stamps (I've Been Losing Sleep)
Alone is where you'll find me
In the back of your head
Silent, stuck with the same old grin
Your words feel so thin
We're wearing thin

We tried our hardest, but I wore the heart with the target,
Painted across it was your name, carved to the core lies your image,
subtly imagining a world of hurt.

At least we can say we tried our hardest,
which is much more than most people have to say.
Stuck in a world where the only way out is to pay.
Let's move out, move away.
Save all the bullshit for another day.
Who am I kidding? We're here to stay.